Cabin Fever no match for Duluth & AMSOIL Arena


It’s St. Cloud State University battling the UMD Bulldogs March 4 and March 5th. Colliding with the last of the regular season — just as we’re peak cabin fever, promises for a thrilling weekend of fun.

Now is a great time to escape to Duluth! Hotels are reasonably priced hotels so it’s easy to combine the BIG ENERGY of Lake Superior adventures and the battle between the Huskies and Bulldogs in the storied AMSOIL Arena.


For one, the game promises to be a spectacle of bands, horns, cheering fans, and some special surprise antics between periods. (Kind of a salad of all the things we’ve been missing for the last two years.)


And don’t worry about trying to find a place for dinner before the big games.

The arena has you covered with house-made porketta, hand-dipped corn dogs, our own pizza, poutine, and many other rotating fan favorites. (Blog on our hand-dipped corns dogs here — and on our house-made nachos here.)

And we didn’t even mention our variety of local beer yet.

(Spoiler: We’ve got the micro and macro brews covered, along with hard seltzer and local hot chocolate, too.)

And another reason to trek to Duluth — when you’re not in the stands, there’s so much to do this time of year.



Littles (and their Bigs) will love the nearby Spirit Mountain Skiing with tubing.

The Great Lakes Aquarium,

Duluth’s Train Museum and exploring  Canal Park with the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. It all offers memories in the making.

And it’s not all for kids.

Adults can enjoy a lakeside sauna,

Duluth-distilled cocktails from Vikre,

and even ax throwing at Blacklist bar.


It’s a fact that Lake Superior saves her most spectacular beauty for winter.

Walking on Park Point or Brighton Beach this time of year is like traveling to another planet.

Bring your good boots and take pictures that will bring on the FOMO from the couch potatoes crowd.

Hope to see ya at the games!


Looking for other events?

We’ve got a no-frills list of everything called What’s Happening with hot links for all the info you want!