Volunteer Fundraising at the DECC

 Volunteer Fundraising at the DECC

The Fundraising at the DECC program gives groups of volunteers from nonprofits an opportunity to work doing tasks like handing guests popcorn or helping them find their seats.

In exchange, the DECC will make a monetary donation to the nonprofit or service groups they represent.

“This is a win-win,” says executive director Daniel Hartman. “Area nonprofits get financial support while the DECC gets a hand during a time when the job market is very tight.”


Here is  THE REGISTRATION FORM  to complete if you and your supporting organization are interested in fundraising at the DECC.


How it works: 

  • Complete the registration form if you and your supporting organization are interested in fundraising at the DECC.
  • Once the registration form is complete and we have your group on our list, we will be in contact routinely with updated information about opportunities and future fundraising events.
  • When your group picks an event to fundraise at the DECC, let us know via email and we will schedule your group.
  • Once your group is scheduled, leading up to the event we’ll provide all the instructions including what to wear, where to meet, what time to arrive, parking, etc.
  • The DECC will provide a printable parking pass for each volunteer prior to the event.
  • Once confirmed, all groups must also complete and return the agreement form.


Fundraising Shift Information:

  • The shifts will be around 4-6 hours long.
  • Possible shifts include concessions, ushering, ticket taking, helping at the bars, greeting guests, etc.
  • Groups will be assigned locations upon arrival.
  • There is no minimum number of volunteers required from an organization, a group of one is acceptable.
  • The minimum age requirement is 16.
  • There is no mask requirement.
  • We can’t guarantee all group members will be assigned an area together, but we will try our best to keep groups near each other and in pairs.
  • The DECC will provide a uniform shirt to wear at the event and a name tag, volunteers will provide all other items: closed-toed shoes, pants without rips or stains (no leggings), shirts to layer if cold, etc.



  • Fundraising groups will earn $10.59 per hour for each volunteer hour logged to go towards their organization.
  • Please provide a signed W-9 form for the organization being represented prior to volunteering.
  • Payments will be initiated within 30 days of the volunteer service.
  • Please send W-9’s to the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteeradmin@decc.org

If you would like to commit to Fundraising at the DECC, make sure to complete THE REGISTRATION FORM.

With any questions please contact the following:

Tamy Horyza