The DECC is accessible to all

The DECC is fully accessible and ready to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities. Ramps are provided at all entries and elevators are located throughout the building. The elevator in the corner of the DECC Ticket Lobby is located next to Guest Services and accesses both the Arena and lower Symphony Hall. These elevators are maintained by a lift maintenance company to ensure they work smoothly and reliably.

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Courtesy wheelchairs

A limited number of wheelchairs are available for transporting guests from the doors/gates to their seating location. Guests may arrange for wheelchair assistance by contacting a Guest Services staff member. Guests are asked to supply their own wheelchair if they need one for the duration of the event.


The DECC provides ample standard vehicle and van-accessible parking on the surface level on the parking lot and on Levels 1, 2 & 3 in the parking ramp.

Accessible entrances

All entrances to the building are wheelchair accessible with automatic power assisted doors.

Accessible restrooms

All public restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Lateral transfer bathrooms are available.

Every effort has been made to comply with both ADA and the State of Minnesota’s accessibility guidelines to accommodate guests with disabilities. If additional assistance is needed while attending an event at the DECC, please contact your nearest usher, event staff member or Guest Services located in the DECC Ticket Lobby.

Wheelchair section eligibility

These limited seats are reserved for guests who require the use of a wheelchair and are thereby physically unable to use a standard seat. Guests with limited mobility but do not use a wheelchair do not qualify for this section as the Ticket Office has a variety of seating options that will accommodate guests with limited mobility.

Our companion policy allows guests with special needs to purchase up to three companion tickets along with their ticket in our designated accessible seating area. If a guest requests more than the four tickets, we will locate any additional tickets as close as possible to their location.

Tickets for accessible seating may be purchased at the DECC Ticket Office and all Ticketmaster locations.

Assistive listening devices & audio induction loop

The DECC provides guests with Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) in the Symphony Hall (SH), which are used to improve the hearing ability for people in a variety of situations. A common use is to aid guests who are hard of hearing (HOH) by amplifying a sound source (speaker, musical performance, actor, etc.).

The DECC also has an Audio Induction Loop (AIL) System in Symphony Hall. AIL is an additional aid for the (HOH). This system is a loop of cable around a designated area, which generates a magnetic field picked up by a small device in a hearing aid or cochlear implant. The “pickup coil” in a hearing aid/implant is referred to as a Telecoil or T-Coil.

This electromagnetic field is detected by the T-coil, allowing the audio source to be directly connected to the hearing aid/implant. Its intention is to filter out background noise and transmit a clearer sound for the wearer. The magnetic signal can also be picked up by a portable receiver and headset for those that do not have the “T” switch.

Assisted listening devices for Symphony Hall are located in the Guest Services Office in the DECC Ticket Lobby or at the Guest Services Office in the AMSOIL Arena. To ensure that the devices are promptly returned, a major credit card or a driver’s license is required to use the devices.

American sign language (ASL)

Interpreter requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the event by calling Walt Aplin, Box Office Manager, at 218-623-1210. Requests less than four weeks prior to an event will be subject to the availability of an interpreter. Seating areas will be determined by event and are at the discretion of management.

Ticketmaster TTY phone number


Ticketmaster ADA Phone Line


Audio description devices

Using a single earpiece connected to an infrared headset, patrons who are blind or have low vision can listen to trained audio describers give live, verbal descriptions of actions, costumes, scenery, and other visual elements of a performance. Requests to audio describe non-designated events must be received at least three weeks prior to the event by calling Walt Aplin, Box Office Manager, at 218-623-1210. These requests are subject to the availability of a describer and are provided at the discretion of the management.

Service animals

Service animals are welcome at the DECC.


For questions regarding tickets and accessibility, please contact the DECC Ticket Office at 218-727-4344 or email