Canal Park/Downtown Parking

Additional parking options

The DECC’s parking facilities have a maximum capacity of 1,800 vehicles. If you wish to park at the DECC, it is recommended guests carpool and arrive 1 hour before the event. In the event of a full lot, there are many parking options within 5-10 minute walking distance. Use the map below to help plan your visit. We look forward to seeing you!


Helpful hints

  • To ensure a parking space at the DECC, park early and walk to dinner in Canal Park or Downtown.
  • If your visit includes a hotel in Canal Park or Downtown, walk to the DECC. Your hotel’s front desk staff will be able to assist in directing the easiest route, or utilize the map below.
  • Enjoy dinner in Canal Park or Downtown before your event. Remain parked there, and walk to DECC. Street and metered parking is plentiful around Downtown and Canal Park.
  • Public Parking Lots around Canal Park and Downtown charge various amounts between $1/hour and $10 /day. You are responsible for paying according to that parking lot.
  • Several parking lots around Canal Park are for private patrons only. Please follow any private parking lot rules before leaving your vehicle.
  • The Duluth Skywalk System includes 3.5 miles of climate-controlled indoor skywalks, connecting buildings and parking lots throughout Downtown. The skywalk extends over I-35 and directly to the DECC.