Exhibitor Info & Resources

Ordering is easier than ever

We want your event at the DECC to run as smoothly as possible. It all starts with your order. Simply fill out this online ordering form with all your exhibit information. Furniture, electric, drayage, etc. can be ordered through the link below.

Furniture, Electric, Drayage Order Form

Do you need wireless internet for your device while exhibiting at the DECC?  Use the link below to order password protected wireless internet.
*Please Note: Wireless internet may be provided complimentary by the expo organizer. Please reach out to your expo contact for further information.
*Hard wired internet is available for purchase through the “Order Online” button above.

Wireless Internet Order Form

Advance Orders: You can receive an advance rate for your exhibit if orders are paid in full and received a minimum of five days prior to the first scheduled move-in day.

Processing of Order Forms: We will begin to process your order once we receive it and your full payment. Payment may be made by check or credit card. The DECC accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Cancellations or Changes: If items are ordered and delivered to a booth, but subsequently cancelled, you will be charged at 25% of the contract rate. Draped tables will be charged at 100% of draping charge, but you will not be charged for the table.

Shipping instructions

Exhibit materials may be shipped to the DECC no more than seven days prior to the first scheduled move-in day. Please refer to the Drayage Service/Freight Handling Form for rates and information. Materials should be labeled as followed:


Deliver to Door 9
Show Name – Booth Name
350 Harbor Drive
Duluth, MN 55802-2698

Food service guidelines for exhibitors

For the Safety of our Guests

The DECC is the exclusive supplier of food and beverages to all guests of the facility.

The DECC is a licensed food service operator by the Minnesota Department of Health. All other exhibitors and show producers need to obtain a valid special event license for sample foods in the DECC facility or DECC property.

Guidelines for Exhibitors

• The Duluth Liquor Code dictates that no exhibitor may distribute or offer a sample size of an alcoholic beverage to its customers.

• Exhibitors may not bring in their own food or beverage for the purpose of attracting customers to their booth. They may purchase, in advance, items for give-away from the DECC Food Service Department.

o Examples include but are not limited to: popcorn, pastries, coffee, salsa, etc.

Exceptions to Guidelines

• Candy jars are acceptable.

• Exhibitors may distribute food or non alcoholic beverage samples to their customers if that exhibitor is specifically exhibiting those food and beverage items that pertain to their business.

o Example: an ice cream company may distribute sample size ice cream serving to demonstrate their product.

o This exemption does not apply to any alcoholic beverage.

• An exhibitor who is not able to leave his/her booth unattended to take a meal break may discreetly furnish his/her own “brown bag” lunch or refreshments.

Not following the guidelines listed above will result in removal of unlicensed food and beverage products.