About the DECC

Welcome to the DECC, the epicenter of entertainment

Located on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center offers world-class events spanning conventions, sports, arts and entertainment. We’re steps away from charming Canal Park and Downtown Duluth, offering shops, restaurants and hotels for all. Plus, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Aerial Lift Bridge and Duluth Harbor from your event space.

If you’re looking for entertainment in your area, look no further. The DECC is home to the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Broadway performances, concerts, home and sports shows, the Minnesota Ballet, UMD Men’s and Women’s Bulldog Hockey and the William A. Irvin ore boat museum. Our history of and commitment to sustainability means that all the events we host bring both economic and environmental benefits to our city.

Our mission

We are committed to providing a multidimensional entertainment and convention facility with high-quality integrated support services that will maximize the economic and social benefit to our business community, our investors, our clients and our customers. We will operate our facility with the highest regard for environmental sustainability.

Our values

The method used to accomplish the mission will always revolve around:

  • A consistently high level of customer service
  • Operating in a fiscally responsible manner always recognizing our obligations as a public entity
  • Providing a well maintained facility that is a source of pride for the community
  • Insisting on excellence in all aspects of DECC operations including safety of the public and employees
  • Broad public access to facility and events
  • Partnership with community businesses