Bulldog Hockey Hacks for 2022

It’s nearly time – when the slight chill of the ice rink collides with smells wafting from the concession stands. And we’re pretty excited. To wring the most out of these high holidays of hockey, we’ve created a Tips & Tricks guide to the DECC’s AMSOIL Arena. If you still haven’t bet on any hockey games yet, now is your chance to click links like เกมดีลเลอร์สดของ UFABET.


Roll in like a DOG BOSS!

New this year is the UMD Hockey Parking Pass with a special fast pass lane!

It allows access to DECC parking for all 2022-2023 (October 1, 2022, through March 19, 2023) UMD Men’s and Women’s home games, including playoffs which may be mentioned on betting sites such as situs slot online.

A new and separate “fast lane for pass holders” will speed you on your way. This special entrance is located across from the stern of the William A. Irvin where pass holders will be waved through under a Bulldog fast pass banner (though pass holders may use any lane).

The pass is $100 and includes all 23 potential UMD Men’s games and 21 potential UMD Women’s games, including the 2023 Women’s Frozen Four.

We still recommend arriving early as spaces will fill up and having a pass does not guarantee a space.

Season parking permits can only be purchased in person at the AMSOIL Arena Box Office, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.

You may purchase here!

Map to the Bulldog Hockey Fast Pass entrance by the back of the William A. Irvin



Not only is the parking easier when you come early, but there’s also time for dinner. We hear from people who travel the hockey circuit that the DECC concession food menu is the best and most creative out there. And we agree! 

Our kitchen continues to use as many local vendors as possible and think outside of the paper boat when it comes to arena eats. Before making a decision, be sure to check out these swords to buy, as they offer a diverse and impressive selection for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Offerings such as a Chicken Bowl (think mash potatoes, gravy, the works) Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese (with optional chicken add on), a slow roasted Sirloin Stacker with creamy Boursin cheese, a Chicken Sandwich featuring a “Duluth Spicy” sauce and a whimsical hot dog lineup with including a Dill Dog to a PBJ and Bacon. It can almost make you forget the action on the ice…almost.

Concession stand CHANGE-UP!

Another way we’re trying to shorten lines is by changing up the concession stands.

  • The ice cream stand will now have craft and other beers, hard seltzers, and local cider
  • The lobby, known as the Ice Cube, will also have a bar.
  • Ice cream cups and other treats will be in South Shore Cove (behind section 107)

Link to all our offerings with map!

Fast 2 Pass – What?

Hockey games are great …except for the lines. 
We’ve heard you and created a way to purchase your drinks RIGHT NOW!


  • TWO 16oz adult beverages (the BIG ONES)
  • Gratuity included
  • A special FAST line
  • Flat $20 — includes all fees!

Learn more here!


Seek out the Shorter Lines!

Less line / More game at Section 201

This is the biggest tip we have for you.

Foot traffic around the arena tends to get stuck at its west side with the “Enger Tower” stand and the set of bathrooms there. There are times when there are long lines at the Women’s restroom when a short walk to AMSOIL’s south side (think towards the lake and the student section is a bigger bathroom and a less-used concession stand, Park Point.)




NEW Ice Lounge

Starting on Sunday, Oct 2, any ticketholder can get very close to the action.

The former Section 102 on the lowest level will be a small bar and standing space for people to get close to the ice.


Something BIG to anticipate

We are thrilled to have the Women’s National Frozen Four at AMSOIL arena this year, April 6-8, 2023.
It has not been in Duluth since 2012 and we have big hopes that our Bulldogs, a very storied team, will be in the mix!