Duluth Haunted Ship: Tips & Tricks for 2022!

How to have your BEST night at Duluth Haunted Ship 

The Haunt is BACK, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s scarier than last year.  It’s got a new path, more tech, and more frights.

1. Come early in the month and/ or on a Thursday for a less “people-ly” haunt

Photo by Joni Tauzell

While some people feel like the wait in line – the music, lights, posing for selfies with the incredibly made-up actors  – is part of the appeal, the shortest lines will be the first and second weekends and on any of the Thursdays starting at 6:30 pm.

The whole schedule is listed here. You could also get a FAST PASS and basically skip the line (more on that below).

Also surprisingly, Halloween itself is a slower evening, too.


2.  Dress in Warm Clothing

While we do everything to keep the good vibe in line going strong — actors in fantastic makeup, music, and lights emanating from the ship with fog spilling off the deck — nothing is fun with cold feet. We’re talking literal cold feet here.

Cool fall temperatures are here and as you might be standing in line (which truly IS part of the fun) you’ll be happy to have something cozy on.

And if you’re still chilly, there are Haunted Ship hoodies in the gift shop!




3. Wear Sturdy Shoes

Everyone has seen a horror movie where the killer is chasing a would-be victim who trips over a stray tree root and then… fades to black. The takeaway? Heels are not proper horror footwear.

While the Duluth Haunted Ship won’t feature real killers or high-stakes chases through the woods, your shoe choice is still important. It will be dark and you’ll be walking on a real boat with steep stairs, so you’ll want to have good footing. Trust us.

4. Walk Through Slowly – if you can

Photo by Kevin Severson

It’s a tall order, but if you take your time through the Haunted Ship, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous (albeit creepy) touches.

And you certainly get your money’s worth — it takes about 30 minutes to make your way through the fully dressed out ship!

The production crew absolutely live for the details and we hope you can catch them all!

My colleague Jane bravely walking through the coffin into the next room. I sure do miss her.


5. Strength in Numbers


Every good horror movie involves a group of friends, so why not bring your own? The more the merrier; or should I say scarier?

Seriously, watching groups exit the ship excitedly talking through their shared experience can give you some real FOMO.

For groups of 20 or more, please contact the Group Sales Manager at 218.623.1236 or irvin@decc.org



6. Buy Tickets Online!

Tickets for the Duluth Haunted ship are available online!

General Admission is $20 or you could skip the line with the new FAST PASS ticket for $27.







7. Catch A Movie and get your parking free!

Make the most of your night by catching a movie at Marcus Duluth Cinema

It’s across the street from the ship, AND if you parked at the DECC, they will reimburse your parking costs.




8. Discounted In-Person Tickets

If you’d rather purchase your tickets in person, you can!

Even better, if you bring a non-perishable food item, you get $2 off your in-person ticket.

Are you a college student? Enjoy an even cheaper $10 general admission ticket by showing your college ID!




You’re brave enough to face your fears, come to the Duluth Haunted Ship. We believe in you!