Tips & Tricks for Duluth’s July (8th!) Weekend

***ALERT ***

UPDATED (7/4/22 at 1:05 pm)

Duluth postpones fireworks; tentative new date is Friday, July 8.


Due to forecasted lightning, the City of Duluth, MN Government is postponing its Fourth Fest fireworks and ALL City of Duluth Fourth Fest activities including vendors and music to an upcoming date.

Watch our social media @deccduluth for more updates.


PARKING for Evening Events

Parking is always the rub. Everywhere. Always. For all Time.  And while biking is an option (there’s plenty of great fenceline in Bayfront to lock one’s bike, biking at night in traffic isn’t for everyone.)

So, here’s a little strategery from the people who work parking:

  • COME EARLY!!! — You can park in our lot/ramp for a flat 10 bucks for all day,  enjoy Canal Park, downtown, and walk across the lift bridge before your event
  • Think BIG — and I’m talking a nice, big margin of time. For these big events, arrive at least 45 minutes before your band is slated to start and it will really take the stress out of it.
  • A secret is that the very highest point of our DECC Parking Ramp doesn’t always fill up – even on busy nights. Maybe because it’s an outside rooftop or parkers haven’t been tenacious enough to drive ALL the way up, but according to one parking attendant, there are sometimes open spots up there.
  • Also, longtime employee Bev, says to back into ramp spaces for easier exit.  (Oh, that’s a good one, Bev!)
  • The fastest in-and-out for these events is the DECC Parking Lot and you’ll be able to get some steps in on the way to Bayfront. However, the closest proximity is Bayfront Parking, but beware that there is limited capacity and more challenging in-and-outs on event days. It also means arriving VERY early for your event -like hours early. But good news, there’s a lot to do!
  • When leaving, the higher up the hill you go before turning east or west, the easier time you will have to keep moving.
  • Alternate, longer routes may keep you moving: You can also use Haines or Maplegrove road to Arrowhead and access Glenwood from Woodland Ave and circle back to your destination from the east side.
  • If you park downtown, the Skywalk will be open for one hour after the end of the event. That means it will close at 11PM for Hairball and midnight for the Fourth Fest fireworks.

NEW GATE Entrance at Bayfront Festival Park!

  • Probably the biggest tip I can give you is to enter your event from our new Lakeshore gate.  It’s accessible from the Lakewalk – that’s the walkway that runs behind the DECC – take it  just a little west of the Great Lakes Aquarium and you’ll arrive at that new entrance point. And given that this is new intel, I’m thinking you’ll breeze on in.

Come early and get your Duluth-y on: Things to DO!


There’s nothing quite like the Fourth of July in Duluth (Monday). Fourth Fest is arguably (and we know people like to argue!) the Midwest’s greatest Fourth of July celebration and fireworks extravaganza. And, it’s FREE! The community event includes vendors, music, and one heck of a fireworks display produced by the City of Duluth.

  • Gates open 4:30 PM | Music 5:00 PM | Fireworks 10:10 PM
  • Like for Hairball and Bayfront Country Jam, come early and enjoy taking the Lakewalk to Canal Park
  • Stake your place well before the fireworks for primo views
  • Enjoy a Lake Superior sunset (around 9PM)
  • The National Anthem will be sung by Christina Stroup and she’s kind of a big deal. She’s performed all over the U.S. and is currently at The Duluth Playhouse starring in Footloose.
  • See above for parking and things to do
  • FYI – Park Rulez