A BIG Weekend & Adventures with Flat Travis

We always knew the second weekend in July was going to be wild –– but it just got all the WILDER with the postponement of Duluth’s Fourth Fest.  Mother Nature had other plans for the Fourth of July that did NOT include fireworks, so we’ve packed up and moved the event to THIS coming Friday, the 8th of July.

So this means another rolling weekend of events! Friday through Monday will be one big thing after the other. Here’s a screenshot from our What’s Happening page — the public event cheat sheet of our website.

The exact lineup of musical guests is in the works, but we do know that fireworks will be 10pm Friday night at Bayfront Festival Park.

Then it’s straight into Trampled by Turtles.  And wow, Bayfront Festival Park will be maxed out. The last I heard around the office was 9,300 — which means my Tips & Tricks blog regarding parking is more important than ever. Please check it out and the biggest takeaway:  COME EARLY!

Photo from our friends at KBJR 6

On Sunday, we’ll be rollling into our Travis Tritt arena show. It’s hard to put into words the energy a show like that has. We’ve been rather twitterpated around the office about it. And we asked our social media associates, Connor and Nick to take our Travis Tritt standee – affectionally known as Flat Travis – and show him the town

Flat Travis and Nick having a moment on the Vista Star


But one place you WON’T find Flat Travis is waiting in line for a beer. He has a FAST 2 pass . 

We’re two BIG 16oz beverages!

The DECC’s Fast2 program lets concertgoers pay in advance for TWO 16 oz beverages (the BIG ones!). You’ll also get access to the shorter FAST2 line and your base gratuity is included in the price — so it’s less line/ more concert.

Remember, future you will be thirsty.

Flat Travis hit the town. But what else do you think Flat Travis should see? Email me your ideas: hello@decc.org


Flat Travis was not great at Frisbee
Flat Travis needs a hat
Vista Star Looking Good!










Flat Travis at Bayfront, wishing he had Trampled tickets





Flat Travis taking in the Duluth Canel lighthouse