You’re invited to welcome Cruise Ships


Duluth would like to give passengers a warm welcome!

The Viking cruise ship, Octantis will always arrive from Thunder Bay very early in the morning.

While the ship will likely go under the lift bridge between 6AM and 7AM.

The vessel will drop anchor in the bay, outside of the shipping lane, and will ferry passengers by tender vessel to the shore. The first passengers will likely not getting out of customs before 7:45 AM.

Volunteer ambassadors are invited to gather:

TIME: 7:30 AM

WHERE:  Behind the DECC on Harbor Drive near the VISTA FLEET gift shopping area

PARKING: Please tell the parking attendant you are a volunteer Duluth ambassador and park for free near the William A. Irvin via Harbor Drive.  After parking please walk towards the water, around to the back of the DECC

ACTIVITY:  We’ll be holding signs, greeting and handing out maps (We aren’t doing bags this round, but likely will next round)

TREATS:  There will be coffee (more than last time) and a welcomed addition of donuts!

Future Cruise Dates:

  • Monday, September 19, 2022


At nearly 700 ft, the cruise ship is about the length of the William A. Irvin ship, but twice as tall!


Would you like to sign up to be a Duluth Ambassador (formerly called DECC Hand)?  Contact Lucie at