Fun Hour – how great conferences, like ITE, end the day



This week, the DECC hosted the 13th annual ITE Great Lakes District Annual Meeting. That means transportation engineers in the house! And they’ve been a fun lot.

Representing over 1,900 professionals and students from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin  (whew, that’s a lotta places!), the group gathered for transportation talk and a little fun.

And with a little help from our planners, they got creative for their late afternoon session: the beloved TRAFFIC BOWL –think Jeopardy with only transportation questions. The student competitors were repping University of Wisconsin Madison vs. Michigan State University, and competing to host the famed trophy, a $1,000, and a place at the International Traffic Bowl in New Orleans.

As they entered the stage to their school’s theme songs, the crowd reacted with the passion that only alums can make happen. The emcee explained that contestants will hear the ding of a bell for right answers while wrong answers would trigger the sad fog horn from Duluth’s past.



The tech for the event was impressive with traffic lights, sound effects, and even event “Daily Doubles.”  Also a draw were the bar, beautiful food spread, and standing cocktail tables. It was a great way to unwind from a day of sessions.

This is the first time the conference has been at the Duluth and at the DECC.  “It’s been an easy venue to work with – the foods been great, the rooms set up well and when we were struggling with the tech we brought, someone came right away to help us,” said Lisa, an attendee.

Colleen, attending from Illinois, said, “Duluth has been very welcoming and a great success! Love being by the water – I hope we come back!”

We hope you come back, too!

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