Duluth Haunted Ship – Tips & Tricks for 2023

It’s a year of BIG NEW THINGS for the 29th haunting of the William A. Irvin. In addition to new scenes throughout the freighter, the Duluth Haunted Ship also has more fresh offerings — from a VIP tour to discounts.

It’s part of the spooky celebratory vibe of the Northland. A creepy beat rocking out from the freighter, joyful people gathered to watch the antics of the outdoor cast members and that signature wind-blown look of people as they emerge out of the experience.  It takes nearly 30 minutes to walk through, so we cut them a little slack.

Discount Night(mares) on the Haunted Ship

Dates with a Jack-o-lantern are 5 bucks off General Admission tickets! These can be purchased online or at the ship.

While we wouldn’t insult our ghouls by calling these cheap thrills, we’re offering $5 off general admission on DISCOUNT NIGHTS. And that includes the entire opening weekend – Oct 5, 6 and 7!


Fewer People | More Fright

Probably the best insider tip is to come early in the season and/or Thursdays, which have the lowest ratio of live guests to undead.

And that can really up the EEK factor. Bonus: the first week and most Thursdays are $5 off!

Another lighter evening is Halloween itself. Is there any better way to put the nail in the season’s coffin?


Fast Pass

Hate the line? We have a fast pass with a separate, short queue — so you’ll hardly have time to get cold feet. On a busy Saturday night, this can really enhance your experience!


First Ever VIP TOUR!

It’s hard to tell if it’s VIP or RIP, but either way, you’ll be in for special surprises.  As this tour takes guests to exclusive spaces like the Pilot House. Limited tickets will be sold every evening. So, if your heart is set on it, I suggest you pre-purchase online.

Perks include Instant Access (even ahead of the Fast Pass Ticket Holders) with no line waiting, a visit to the Captain’s Lounge with a blood bag beverage, and who knows what else.



Vampire Circus / Haunted Ship Combo Ticket

A mix of circus cabaret and theatre, The Vampire Circus is a tantalizing production. Think Tim Burton meets Cirque. The show pushes physical boundaries with acrobatics, contortionists, jugglers, and tells a story. Set in Bohemia during the 19th century, Count Dracula contemplates a plan for world domination with a traveling circus.

There’s an option to do both the Haunted Ship and the Vampire Circus!



Sensible Shoes Saves Lives

You know that dream where something is chasing you? Even in your dreamscape, you wouldn’t be wearing wimpy shoes.

Sameies for the Haunted Ship. Remember that you’ll be on a real freighter with steep stairs, uneven surfaces, and all of it cast in mood lighting. Sturdy footwear for the win.


Soak in the Details

Our prop masters put incredible effort into the little things that make scenes come alive. It’s meant to bring an immersive quality to The Haunt, like a fever dream you can’t quite wake from.

We’re talking a sinking German U-boat with water flooding in …and an escaped experiment on the loose. Then an all-new mansion IN THE SHIP with paths that lead to dead ends and hallways with multiple exits. Guests will choose their adventure – and perhaps get separated. A vortex will deliver you  to a Victorian Parlor and Library complete with thunderstorms, stained glass windows and questionable books.  

It’s truly an immersive experience with intricate details, lights, vibrations, sounds and smells to trigger more of your senses …and fears. 


Pair a Movie with the Haunt

Our neighbors at the Duluth Marcus Theaters have some spooky fun, too. One is the Slasher Classics Passport to see 4 Classic horror movies for $15.  And the other is a Happy Haunting Passport which includes 5 New spooky moves and popcorn for $40!

Pairing Haunted Ship with a movie will not only expand your spooky season celebrations but also get you free parking. Heck, Taylor Swift ERA’s TOUR movie will be out on Oct 13, and even she enjoys a good Zombie look!


The More, the SCARIER!

Every good horror movie involves a group of friends, so why not bring your own? Watching groups exit the ship, excitedly talking through their shared experience, can give you some real FOMO. For groups of 20 or more, please contact the Group Sales Manager at 218.623.1236 or irvin@decc.org



The Fine Print

The tour includes but is not limited to areas with:

·         Strobe lights

·         Mild shocks

·         Loud noises

·         Dark walkways

·         Disturbing imagery

·         Small spaces

·         Forceful air bursts

·         Uneven paths

·         A guy named Steve

·         Strong smells (not Steve)

·         Narrow passageways

·         Low bulkheads and doorways

·         Steep ladders

Please be aware that special effects may aggravate existing health conditions and should be considered before coming aboard.

All tickets are valid for one tour.

Double-check dates and times before arrival.

You may arrive anytime during open hours for the date that your ticket is valid

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

No child under the age of 12 will be admitted without a caregiver.

The ship is not handicapped accessible given its historic nature.

You may be photographed while at the Duluth Haunted Ship. These photos may be used in social media and advertising.

If you do not want your photo taken, please alert a staff member.

All sales are final. No refunds.