You Want More Entertainment!


We’ve read your emails, letters, and social comments. We’ve also heard you when you’ve tracked us down in the frozen food aisle at Super One, in line for coffee at Duluth Coffee or hanging out at Bent Paddle. You want more and bigger bands at the DECC. And here’s what we have to say: WE ARE WITH YOU! 

First off, let’s be real. We’re not getting Bruce Springsteen. Performers of that popularity require venue sizes that dwarf our capacity. Even at 7,000 seating at AMSOIL Arena and nearly 9,000 standing at Bayfront Festival Park, it’s simply not enough. For example, Taylor Swift sells out all of US Bank Stadium 66,000 seats. 

However, don’t despair! There are many great bands that fit perfectly without our spaces. And we’re working on getting them. So, you can expect more entertainment in general and more diversity of types as well. We hear you.  

How does this all work? 

As you know, the DECC used to score bigger acts. There was a time when just being an arena, auditorium or outdoor band shell in a city our size was enough. The DECC was doing just fine using a “rental model” for our stages. But now, we’re going proactive. The DECC has created an entertainment team and we’re seeking out acts.  

But first, a little education. You probably know that bands have agents, but tours are put on by another group of people – promoters. Promoters “buy” the band from the agent, to do a certain number of performances, and works with venues like ours to build a tour schedule. Promoters take on the financial risk – not the band, not the agent.  

What our team is doing is reaching out to promoters, building relationships and selling our venue and city. Also, the DECC is also stepping up and doing some “buying” of acts under our DECC Presents banner. What that means is we’re taking on more of the financial risk. Another option is co-promoting, meaning we split the risk with a promoter. An example of that is the upcoming Foreigner Greatest Hits tour. By sharing the risk, we open the door to more of the entertainment you want.

Our work is already paying off, this year’s attendance for entertainment was up 15% over 2019.  

So, the big message is that entertainment at the DECC is trending well. Also, know that it will take time to build momentum. However, good things come to those who wait…like Northlanders waiting for summer.  


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