Enough Space to hold History

If you think the DECC is just concerts and hockey, you’re missing the bigger picture. We’re nearly a million square feet of flexible space that morphs to the needs of expos, conventions, and most anything a person can dream up.


In fact, we just hosted a gallery exhibit of over 300 rare papal objects and relics from saints.

The weekend of August 19, Vatican Unveiled showcased our venue’s flexibility. Featuring an extensive collection of religious artifacts, it took up our entire 26,000 sq. foot Lake Superior Ballroom.

But that’s just one part of what makes an exhibit like this work.

It also required a room for volunteers, a store for sales, a private reception area with hors d’oeuvres & bar service via our catering team, and another larger space to accommodate a general session. And that’s not even mentioning all the tables, chairs, podiums, and microphones needed to pull an event like this off.

Our planning staff also thought through scads of details, including the 400 hundred+ feet of pipe and drape needed to create a pathway experience. Then there are the little things like parking for the hundreds of people expected daily throughout the weekend, wayfinding and so much more.

A little more about the Vatican Unveiled exhibit itself:

These artifacts have been collected and curated by Duluth priest Father Richard Kunst. He’ll be speaking at the event sharing the stories of how he acquired some of his rarest finds. Kunst will be joined at the event by Mark Hall-Patton of TV’s “Pawn Stars” – aka the “Beard of Knowledge.”

In addition to memorabilia, the collection also has a number of relics. A first-class relic is from the actual body of the saint, like hair, blood, or bone. Second-class ones are things touched by the saint, such as clothing or jewelry.

Here’s more on the artifacts with short, interesting videos about the objects: http://www.papalartifacts.com/relics/


Are you dreaming up a conference, meeting, special occasion, expo? Give us a call and we’ll dream with you!  For more information or a site tour contact our director of sales:  Sue Ellen Moore 218-623-1204 or email at smoore@decc.org.


The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center is made up of multiple venues. There are two convention centers with 120,000 square feet of expo space, two arenas, two ballrooms, a performance hall, a boardroom, and 32 break-out spaces. Heck, there’s even a curling club (Hello, Olympians!), movie theater, boat tour company, and a 660ft floating freighter museum (Shout out to you, William A. Irvin) right at our DECC facility.