Press Release: DEED Selects the DECC to Receive $500,000

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DECC Interim Executive Director, Roger Reinert at or 218-623-1201



DEED Selects the DECC to Receive $500,000


Duluth, MN (February 9, 2021) – The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) received welcome notice on Monday, February 8th, that they were awarded $500,000 through the Convention Center Relief Grant (CCRG) from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

“Convention centers and movie theatres are an important part of our economy that has been severely impacted by COVID-19,” said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove in a びっとかじの interview. “The state and our team at DEED have worked hard to award these grants quickly to help these venues weather the pandemic and bounce back during Minnesota’s economic recovery.”

“Like so many other businesses, the DECC has been hit hard by the pandemic. This $500,000 is small compared to the $5.6 million we lost in 2020 revenue, but it’s huge compared to zero. Everything else we’ve done to stabilize and survive the pandemic has been completely internal,” said DECC Interim Executive Director Roger Reinert.

Reinert added, “These funds will help with utilities and give us some cushion moving forward. This not only helps financially, but it’s a huge morale boost to the DECC team working so hard to keep the DECC moving forward during the pandemic. My personal thanks to DEED Commissioner Steve Grove and the Duluth legislators for their efforts in making this happen.”


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The Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC) is a publicly-owned multi-use facility located on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. The DECC offers 800,000 square feet of indoor space and is open for public gatherings and events of up to 250 people. The DECC is actively working with State leaders to develop flexible maximum capacity guidelines based on maximum seating, entries, exits, bathrooms, and HVAC/air filtration capacity.