The Perennial Appeal of HAIRBALL

It would be easy to say, “it’s the music” that draws us to the show year after year. I mean, the magic of HAIRBALL’s 80s-heavy catalog is hard to deny. But that alone wouldn’t account for this band’s crazy staying power.

Dig a little deeper; you’ll see the band’s passion is what has made their career over two decades long.

Some of the ways these talented musicians go the extra mile are by perfecting songs note-for-note. Additionally, each member steps into character, taking on the physicality of these vintage artists. Hairball exudes the energy of the bands they cover from posture to jumps.

Part of that transformation comes from excellent costumes, hair, and makeup. Large wardrobe trunks backstage organize the band’s pieces. According to their publicist, their spot-on garments combine handmade items from Minneapolis and eagle-eyed vintage and eBay finds.

“And for KISS, those platform shoes are as tall as they look! When Dave Moody wears them he’s legit 7′ tall,” wrote Melissa Kucirek Hairball Rep.

The goal of all this effort? Take audiences back in time, forget their troubles, and live in the “good spirit of rock and roll,” according to vocalist Dave Moody when talking to a Colorado media outlet. “Hell, man, sign me up for that every day because I just want to make people feel good.”


Tickets are still available for the July 3 performance in Bayfront Festival Park –> TICKETS HERE