Vatican Unveiled: An Exploration of Legacies

The largest papal artifacts collection outside of Rome will be on display for the second time in Duluth, MN. Join us August 19-21, 2022 for Vatican Unveiled: An Exploration of Legacies
This exhibit will allow you to get up close and personal not only to the papacy, but ultimately with history that has changed our world. Vatican, papal, saints, and other religious artifacts will be on display for three days. Plus โ€“ hear the stories of how Curator, Father Richard Kunst collected some of his rarest items.

Father Richard Kunst is once again donating all proceeds from this event to charitable works in northern Minnesota. Support will go to Stella Maris Academy and Star of the North Maternity Home.

Whether you are Catholic or just a lover of history โ€” this unique collection is as close as some people will ever get to Rome or to a Pope.

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