Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra | MW2


Gustav Mahler didn’t concern himself with the small things. He liked to think big! And one of the most ambitious works of art ever created is his Symphony No.3. Mahler’s goal for this work was nothing less than to capture, in sound, every living being – from flowers to animals, from humans to angels. This truly incredible music is everything you can imagine: It is heartwarming and heartbreaking, it is upbeat and it is sad, nostalgic yet modern. And while it is truly epic in proportions, it just flies by without ever dragging on. With Blythe Gaissert as our alto soloist and the women of the DSSO Chorus, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience one of the greatest achievements of the human spirit ever created.

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*Rescheduled from October 7, 2023

Bag Policy


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