Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra | Masterworks VI

Elgar & Bruckner

During Hans Rott’s tragically short life, he passed at only 25, he certainly made his mark – at least with his contemporaries. Gustav Mahler called him the “Founder of the New Symphony” and he was one of Bruckner’s favorite students. Today, he is all but forgotten. His Julius Caesar Overture gives us a hint of the genius that Mahler admired so much. We follow with Elgar’s beloved Cello Concerto with up-and-coming cello superstar Gabriel Martins. Finally, we hear from Rott’s teacher, Anton Bruckner. To many, Bruckner’s symphonies represent the pinnacle of evolution of the symphonic form. His Third Symphony gives us a taste of why he is so admired: Epic, stoic, yet beautiful and majestic – this is truly magnificent music.

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