DECC Fall Sunrise PhotoMeet/InstaMeet

The DECC is hosting its first outdoor/indoor fall sunrise PhotoMeet/InstaMeet on Saturday, November 20.
The event is free, family-friendly and all are welcome – though limited to the first 20 shutterbugs to email Lucie at

We’ll be serving up Duluth Coffee Company coffee and baked goods for our 6:45 start. We’ll take in Lift Bridge and harbor sunrise experience from our beautiful deck spaces. Sunrise is at 7:20 am.

We’ll then take you on a tour of fun spaces – including the AMSOIL Arena catwalk and other typically off-limit spots. There will be plenty of subject matter to shoot!

We love to re-share photos on our social media pages! If you are sharing your images on social media please tag @DeccDuluth and use #DeccPhotoMeet (We’ll reach out for permission before sharing and promise to give credit. Also, we’ll never alter your images.)

A prize (to be determined) for the ‘Best Photo’ will also be awarded!

Parking is free for the photomeet and we’ll meet at the Door D lobby by Symphony Hall.

Questions?  Email Lucie at