DECC Presents Exhibitor Rules


  1. Payments are non-refundable and the total cost must be paid when a contract is submitted. A service fee of $50 will be charged for all checks returned.
  2. All displays must remain completely set up and staffed for all hours of the Expo, up to and including closing time. Any early teardown is NOT allowed. VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL SUBJECT THE EXHIBITOR TO A $300 FINE AND A BAN FROM FUTURE EXPOS.
  3. Exhibitor gives the DECC the right to use their name in advertising and on social media and websites for the DECC. The DECC shall have complete control over advertising, billing, and promotion of the Event.
  4. All exhibitors must be set up and ready for business ONE HOUR prior to the start of each day of the event at the DECC.
  5. Devices that produce sound, scent, lighting effects, heating/cooling, or movement must be operated so as not to disturb other exhibitors or guests. The DECC will determine what is acceptable.
  6. Subletting or sharing of any space is prohibited unless agreed to and approved in writing by the DECC.
  7. No adhesives are allowed on DECC walls, floors, or windows. This includes stickers, tape, pinning, etc. For any damage done to the DECC infrastructure for any reason, the exhibitor will be liable for the cost of the repair.
  8. Exhibit space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The final arrangement will be determined by the show management in such a way as to produce the most advantageous grouping of the exhibits shown. Any special requests are welcomed, but not guaranteed. Please let us know if there are any types of exhibitors that you would prefer not to be located by.
  9. Any exhibitor selling a product, or service must submit a list of all their offerings no later than 30 days prior to the start of the expo. This includes food and beverage sampling. See “FOOD SERVICE GUIDELINES FOR EXHIBITORS” attached for more details.
  10. The DECC does not guarantee any minimum amount of attendance.
  11. Exhibitors shall not engage in any conduct or display any items, which tend to belittle or discriminate against individuals because of their race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. The DECC may require any such conduct to stop immediately and the removal of any such items at the vendor’s cost.
  12. No Exhibitor shall distribute any printed advertising, or souvenirs, other than from their own exhibit space.
  13. All exhibitors with animals at the show must have all licenses, permits, and vaccinations required by the city, State, or Federal government bodies with the jurisdiction of such animals.
  1. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of pet waste, food, and other related materials to the approved waste receptacles. A $50 fee will be charged for each removal of these items by DECC staff.
  2. Any animal the DECC or its agents deem unhealthy, not cared for, too dangerous, excessively loud, or in any other way not satisfactory for display at the Expo must be immediately removed from the facility by the Exhibitor upon notification at the Exhibitor’s cost.
  3. The exhibitor agrees to arrange a display so as not to obstruct, view, or damage the general harmony of the expo.
  4. The DECC reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan, adjust space allotments and relocate any exhibit as it deems necessary for the best interest of the expo.
  5. The DECC will provide Exhibitors the allocated number of badges and parking passes to the DECC and the expo for use by its employees in gaining access to the expo; however, no such badges or parking passes shall be used by any person who is not an employee of the Exhibitor to whom it is issued.
  1. Exhibitor agrees to release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the DECC and City of Duluth, employees, agents, and contractors from all loss, cost, and damage, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, proximately caused by Speaker’s negligent or wrongful acts and omissions. The DECC is a public institution and is therefore prohibited from agreeing to indemnify another party. Subject to applicable law, each party will be solely responsible for all claims, actions, and direct damages caused by the responsible party’s negligence, willful wrongdoing, or breach of this Agreement.
  2. The DECC reserves the right to engage sponsors for the Event. Exhibitors may not obtain sponsors for the Event unless approved in advance by DECC in writing.
  3. Exhibit materials may be shipped to the DECC no more than seven days prior to the first scheduled move-in day. The DECC loading dock is open for delivery and pickup Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Please refer to the latest Drayage Service/Freight Handling Form for rates and more information at
  4. The DECC will provide basic overnight security checks of exhibit spaces. If any additional overnight security is required, that will be at the vendor’s cost and must be coordinated with DECC staff. The DECC is not responsible for missing or stolen merchandise or items.
  5. Exhibitors shall not play or permit the playing, performance, or distribution of any copyrighted material at the Convention unless it has obtained all necessary rights and/or licenses and paid all required royalties, fees, or other payments. “Bootlegged” items are strictly prohibited.



  • The DECC is the exclusive supplier of food and beverages to all guests of the facility.
  • The DECC is a licensed food service operator by the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • All other exhibitors and vendors need to obtain a valid special event license for sample foods in the DECC facility or DECC property.
  • The Duluth Liquor Code dictates that no exhibitor may distribute or offer sample sizes of alcoholic beverages to its customers.
  • Exhibitors may not bring in their own food or beverage for the purpose of attracting customers to their booth. They may purchase, in advance, items for give-away from the DECC Food Service Department. Examples include but are not limited to popcorn, pastries, coffee, salsa, etc.

Exceptions to Guidelines

  • Candy jars are acceptable.
  • Exhibitors may distribute food or non-alcoholic beverage samples to their customers if the exhibitor is specifically exhibiting those food and beverage items that pertain to their business. Example: an ice cream company may distribute sample-size ice cream serving to demonstrate their product. This exemption does not apply to any alcoholic beverages.
  • An exhibitor who is not able to leave his/her booth unattended to take a meal break may discreetly furnish his/her own “brown bag” lunch or refreshments.
  • Not following the guidelines listed above will result in the removal of unlicensed food and beverage products at vendors’ cost and a possible ban from future events at the DECC.


Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.