DECC Employee of the Month: Derek Bogan

October Employee of the Month

Derek Bogan, Parking

In December 2017, Derek joined the DECC as a barback, and eventually moved to the parking department. He enjoys the customers and the people he gets to interact with on a daily basis, and he greatly appreciates the crew in the parking department.

In his spare time, Derek loves to go fishing and four-wheeling. Some fun facts about Derek is that the DECC was his second job he has ever had, and he also lived in Oregon for a year and a half.

Derek would like to thank the crew for nominating him and for all of the nice words said about him.

We are glad you are here, Derek. Congratulations!


Reason for Nomination:
“Derek Bogan. Derek can fix anything! He is quick with answers and solutions, great at handling difficult situations and always friendly. Derek is just a great guy!”


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