DECC Wellness Looks A Little Different

Written by Renae Matt, Wellness Coordinator


When you think of a workplace wellness program, you may imagine every lunch box filled with fruits and vegetables and a group of marathon runners and body-builders meeting around the conference room table.  This certainly isn’t a bad image of wellness (props to all who live that way!), but it doesn’t encompass the vision of a well-rounded wellness program.

At the DECC, wellness looks a little different. We believe a great wellness program is more than promoting physical health. A wellness program should promote physical health while also encouraging your staff to be healthy socially, mentally, and even environmentally.

Wellness is creating bonds between co-workers and departments to have a sense of teamwork.

It’s creating an environment where you don’t dread going to work on Mondays because you enjoy where you work.

It’s taking pride in what you do and the way you do it because you know it’s good for the company, our community, and our environment.

The DECC Wellness Committee is made up of full-time and part-time employees throughout various departments and levels of staff. We meet each month to recap the previous month, make notes on where we could improve, and brainstorm for the months ahead.

Not every wellness program looks the same. Here is a glimpse of some things we do at the DECC:

Wellness Events

Each month, we host an event or social gathering; a wellness lunch or dinner with a guest speaker presenting a topic related to our mission, a potluck, a cruise on Lake Superior, a holiday party, a baseball game, or even a murder mystery team-building event.


Can team building really happen without a little competition? Our pop-up challenges are announced randomly and focus on anything from earth day activities, exercising, biking, step counts, healthy eating, tech-breaks, or even getting to know co-workers a little better.


Employees have access to an on-site fitness center and fitness classes from local trainers. They are even welcome to bring a guest to work out with them, because honestly, who likes to work out alone?

Healthy Habits

If you brush your teeth or step away from technology for an hour a day, you’ve already earned points towards earning paid time off (if you’re an employee, that is)! We have a daily “healthy habits” tracker that employees have the option to submit each month for points. Those points convert to bonus PTO.

Employee Assistance

We have benefit programs where employees and their families can access free coaching and counseling for various topics, including marriage, addiction, grief, and legal matters.

Financial Wellness

We recently added a financial wellness program to give employees access to tools and resources to learn how to budget, become debt-free, build an emergency fund, and have a plan for their financial future.


Creating a wellness program that is supported by management and encompasses a variety of interests is important for your employees and your business.

Workplace wellness programs are important for employees to know you care about their health, and a great way to build a collaborative team. A team that has fun together is generally more supportive of each other during the work day, improving productivity and morale. It also gives them a mental break, causing less burn out and less turnover if they enjoy where they work.

If you have a desire to create a wellness program at your work, there are many options and ideas –  even without a large budget:

  • Create a plan and promote challenges with a simple recognition board. Make a trade with a local business for prizes or gift cards.
  • If you don’t have the ability to serve food for team-building events, organize a potluck.
  • Seek volunteer speakers on a topic your employees are interested in by allowing them to promote their business in return.
  • Send a company-wide email announcing a pop-up challenge to take a 10-minute break and go on a group walk.

All in all, a wellness program can be simple or extreme. The most important aspect is making sure your employees know that their health is important to you and you appreciate the work they do.

When it comes down to it, we all hope to work in a place we enjoy and know appreciates us.



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