Q&A with our New Sales Manager

The DECC Sales Team has grown as we welcome our new Sales Manager, Hannah Peterson.

Hannah joined the DECC in July of 2018 previously working in food and beverage as Manager on Duty. Her knowledge and experience of the DECC operations will provide valuable insight to her promoted role as Sales Manager. Since you will be seeing Hannah around Duluth at various networking events and promoting the DECC, we found it fun to introduce her with a Q&A series.


Tell us your story

I am from Duluth- technically I was born in St. Cloud, MN and lived in Sauk Rapids until I was 6 years old. We then as a family moved to Duluth. I have a half-brother that is 12 years older than me that lives in the cities, so I essentially grew up as an only child. I attended Lake Superior College and earned my Associate of Arts Degree. Afterwards, I transferred to UMD to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Hospitality and Tourism Management through Florida International University.


What are you most excited about in your new role?

The aspect I look forward to the most in my new position is to get out there and talk to people from all over, both locally and nationally each with unique experiences and affiliations. I love talking to people and building relationships. It is fulfilling then to be able to offer them a service of value in return.  Plus, you never know where your next connection is going to come from. Often those relationships are from a group you didn’t even know existed and its fascinating and exhilarating for me to always be connecting with the world around us.


Name one fun fact about you we likely don’t know

I love travel. Fun fact: I cliff-jumped off a 40 foot cliff in the southern most point in South Point Hawaii and I also learned how to surf on the North Shore of Oahu.


Outside of work, where can we find you?

Out and about in the city doing things with my family or friends, and traveling – whether it’s a full on vacation or a weekend jaunt I have a strong sense wanderlust.


Do you define yourself as more left-brained (logic) or right-brained (creative)?

Definitely right-brained. I never excelled in math even back in elementary school. I love to write and take pictures of my life experiences, thrive on connections with people, and going on random adventures.


What do you love about Duluth?

I love how beautiful Duluth is. With a salt free Lake Superior along our shore we are as picturesque as an oceanside town without the salt and the lush hillside landscapes alongside adding to that beauty; we are the perfect hybrid city. Big enough to have a variety of things to do but also small enough to not have the long commutes and traffic congestion of a large city.  This city fits for everybody, it has outdoor recreation right outside our front door, with trails, water and wilderness easily accessible 360 degrees around and at the same time an urban, cultured city with craft breweries, an entertainment and theater scene and events and festivals providing unique things do year-round.


Wish to connect with Hannah? Say hello? Seek information about the DECC? We encourage emails (hpeterson@decc.org), phone calls (218-623-1202), and fist bumps when in person.



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