Passenger Drop Off and Pick Up at DECC

The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center has a new assigned drop off and pick up location for taxis, ride-share services, and shuttles on Harbor Drive. The designated areas allow passenger services swift and safe drop off and pick up, while reducing traffic congestion.

Duluth’s recent expansion of passenger services has been beneficial for DECC patrons to arrange safe transportation after an event. However, transportation providers have experienced two common challenges: communicating a common pick up location around the large facility, and slow passenger turnover rates due to traffic congestion inside DECC parking lots.

The designated drop off and pick up area along Harbor Drive will alleviate these challenges for an improved transportation experience to the DECC.

Locations will be marked with signage outside Entrance F, commonly known as the 10-minute ticket lobby and Paulucci Hall parking lot. Vehicles will queue alongside the building to access passengers without requiring patrons to cross the road.

“It is the goal of the DECC and the Duluth Police Department for everyone to enjoy DECC events while arriving and departing safely,” states DPD Sgt. Kelly Greenwalt.  “We encourage everyone to arrange a safe and sober ride, pedestrians to use sidewalks and crosswalks and drivers to take turns while exiting.  Thank you to the DECC for this traffic flow solution which should improve safety and passenger turnover rates.”

The DECC encourages safe transportation and ride-share practices. Confirm the type of vehicle, license plate, and accurate name of the ride share driver before entering any vehicle.