DECC Contributes to Duluth Tourism

Written in collaboration with Sue Ellen Moore, Sales Director.


On February 4th, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson tweeted “Robust tourism = Robust Economics. Grateful for our hard-working tourism partners who lead the way. What an awesome thing to live in a place people think of as a destination.”

In 2018 Duluth’s Tourism continued to grow, even beating the city’s budget projections. A year-end report showed Duluth collecting nearly 7.2 percent more in hotel/motel tax revenue and 4 percent more in food and beverage tax, totaling $12.1 million last year. Our Mayor believes that we are broadening our reach as a favorite destination for people in the region.

Duluth is also drawing outdoor enthusiasts from around the States and Internationally. Along with attractions, meetings, and conventions, there is a focus on our natural amenities— Lake Superior, St. Louis River, climbing, mountain biking, and hiking trails. The tourism taxes collected return to support the tourism industry with a small part of it helping to fund the DECC.

How does the DECC contribute to Duluth’s tourism?

Conferences and conventions draw thousands of guests each year to Duluth. From near and far, these visitors are staying in your hotels, eating in your restaurants, shopping at your stores, exploring our trails, and visiting your attractions. Entertainment attracts a variety of tourists as the DECC boasts an eclectic mix of country, folk, rock and roll, and more. These visitors are often making a weekend from the event. The DECC also welcomes sporting events, weddings, corporate parties, and daily indoor walkers.

In total, one million guests walk through these halls each year.

While our guests look out these windows at the harbor, it is clear why Duluth’s beauty draws so many. But it’s you – our collective community, tourism partners, and activities – that keep them returning. Your continued support of the DECC maintains this momentum.


Businesses supporting businesses – that’s the heart of Duluth.




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