A Tough Decision: Closing the Irvin for 2018 Season

Due to the reconstruction of the Minnesota Slip, DECC officials had to make a tough decision. We will not be opening the William A. Irvin historic museum for the 2018 season, including the Haunted Ship. The Irvin must be removed from the slip in order to complete pollution remediation, the final phase of the seawall restoration project underway along Harbor Drive.

While we are saddened by the news, the reason for the closure will aid in our continued sustainability plan. Removal of the Irvin will allow the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency full access to conduct its pollution remediation this fall. The MPCA, in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes National Program Office, will use aggregate material and suitable sand to cap contaminated sediment in the slip.

Don’t worry, the ship will not be sitting totally vacant. We look forward to restoring the Irvin hull while it is out of operation, last completed in 1986. Plus, areas of the interior will also be refurbished during it’s closure. The SS William A. Irvin was once the proud flagship of United States Steel, today she resides as a museum in Duluth’s Canal Park. She will return restored to her glory days.

A grand reopening celebration will take place before the 2019 season.

To read more about the William A. Irvin, check out the website at decc.org/william-a-irvin/