Vista Fleet Building Demolition

The harbor may look a little different moving forward. Today, crews worked hard to tear down the old Vista Fleet building. The building was constructed with the DECC in 1966, where the Vista largely operated. Since 2010, however, the building remained vacant due to safety concerns of the failing sea wall. Don’t worry. The Vista Fleet isn’t going anywhere; the Duluth-Superior Harbor tour cruises will continue to operate out of the DECC’s harbor side, as they have since 2002.

The Project

In addition to pushing the SS William A Irvin last week, this demolition is part of Phase 1 of the sea wall repair project. When completed, this valuable space where the Vista building once lived, will be beautiful green space for Duluth residents and visitors to fully enjoy the harbor. Shipping traffic and wave erosion have compromised the sea walls surrounding the William A. Irvin boat museum and the Vista Fleet building along the harbor behind the DECC. Sinkholes and other hazards have created significant safety concerns, amounting to vacating the stand alone Vista Fleet building and requiring fenced-off pedestrian walkways.

The project will continue into the spring to complete all sea wall repairs.