The Mighty Thomas Carnival

duluth13posterThe Mighty Thomas Carnival employees are busy setting up at DECC today.  The carnival opens Wednesday, June 26 and will be open during Duluth’s Fourth Fest and continues through Saturday, July 6.  The Mighty Thomas Carnival brings with it numerous rides, carnival foods and games to feed and entertain the whole family. Be sure to stop by to enjoy the carnival and have some mini doughnuts!

Carnival Dates & Times
Wednesday, June 26, 6-10pm
Thursday, June 27, 4-10pm
Friday, June 28, 4-10pm
Saturday, June 29, 2-10pm
Sunday, June 30, 2-10pm
Monday, July 1, 4-10pm
Tuesday, July 2, 4-10pm
Wednesday, July 3, 2-11pm
Thursday, July 4, 2-11pm
Friday, July 5, 4-11pm
Saturday, July 6, 2-11pm

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